About Chick Orders

Our chick sales are based primarily on a system of orders in advance of hatching – customers place an order for baby chicks, we order the eggs from our suppliers who ship them to Barbados, we sort and incubate them, then deliver them at one day old. We hatch twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays, providing multiple opportunities to meet customer requirements.

Broilers - with a 21 day incubation period, combined with a week for purchasing and shipping the eggs to Barbados, we require a minimum of 4 weeks to fulfil broiler chick orders. If a specific hatch date is required, but our incubators are already loaded to capacity for that date, then we will fill your order on the closest available date. Please note that we are not given the opportunity to select the mix of breeds that we are given, therefore on any given hatch day we can have one or multiple breeds. This limits our ability to provide feather sexing, as not all breeds can be sorted using this technique.

Layers have similar 21 day incubation cycles, however smaller annual demand dictates that we hatch on pre-arranged dates throughout the year. This allows us to combine orders into one hatch date (confirmed when your order is placed), making shipping of eggs more economical and thereby keeping the price as low as possible. Hyline™ and Bovans™ have experienced supply difficulties in recent times, and as such are not always available, when this is the case we find the next best alternative with which to fill your order. All orders for White Layers must, unfortunately, be prepaid before we order the eggs, as demand is very low for these birds.

Turkeys have a longer incubation period (28 days), and supply of these eggs is often scarce. Minimum quantity special orders (of one full case of eggs or more) may be filled at any time of the year once available; however as a general practise we have turkey hatches in June, July and August to meet Christmas demand. No minimum quantities are in place for these scheduled hatches, and orders may be placed by calling our office.

For all of the above we sometimes have surplus birds that are kept in our brooding pen, allowing us to fill on-the-spot requests without a confirmed order; contact us and we can try to fill your needs