Chickens & Turkeys

We import only the highest quality Hatching Eggs from the USA and Canada. Our suppliers maintain good genetic strains in their parent flocks, and are continuously researching ways to improve the baby chicks we sell to you – both through improved feed conversion, and resistance to constantly emerging health challenges. Our long term contracts with these suppliers ensure that we can source eggs both in times of low and high demand, which in turn ensures that we are able to fill orders from our customers all year round. Occasionally, Layer and Turkey hatching eggs are unavailable at the exact time we would like to have them (many factors, including excess demand or poor laying performance of parent flocks, can cause this) and in these cases we are forced to plan hatch dates around the egg availability, rather than the customer’s requested dates of delivery.

Broiler breeds such as Ross™, Arbor Acre™, Hubbard™ and crosses of these breeds are common in Barbados. These are generally accepted to be suited to our warm environment, and are known to perform well. A six week growout period is standard to achieve a 4 lb ‘market size’ bird – depending on your particular market, this time can be shorter or longer depending on size requirements.  

Layer breeds commonly imported to Barbados include Hyline™ and Bovans™ for brown and white layers, as well as ISA™. Brown varieties are the most popular, and beginning of egg production should be expected approximately around 20 weeks old.

Turkey eggs are often even harder than layer eggs to source; Aviagen’s BUT™ turkey is the most commonly supplied, however Bronze turkey varieties are sometimes the only eggs commercially available to us. BUT Turkey poults are yellow, which most farmers are familiar with, however Bronze turkey poults have black primary feathers and can create doubt for the small farmer who is unaccustomed to the unusual colouration! Bronze turkeys are, however, very popular commercially in the USA for their feed conversion and profitability.