Onsite Inspections & Service Calls

During our more than 30 years of business in the Barbados Poultry Industry (not to mention the lifetime experience of the founders of the company) we have recognised the need to help Farmers identify emerging diseases, changing feed and medication requirements, changing industry regulations and GLOBAL poultry issues. We are dedicated to providing important after-sales service that can assist our customers in being more efficient, help them to avoid excessive mortality from disease and other symptoms, and increase their profitability. Our On-Site specialist makes trips on a daily basis to and from our customers and the Veterinary Lab, a branch of the Ministry of Agriculture. Returning reports include detailed findings, which are used to match a medication or a change in management practise to help solve the issue at hand. This information is then relayed to the Farmer, who hopefully will accept the advice and go about remedying their problem immediately.

We strongly urge our local customers to call us as soon as unexplained mortalities occur. Veterinary Post Mortems are only useful if they are done when the problem is occurring, not when the chicks have recovered… the results then will usually say "Birds in good health". When we can identify your cause of mortality we will supply the right medications to stop, or at least minimise, the deaths and therefore prevent further economic losses.

For our regional export customers, we suggest locating a veterinary lab or suitably equipped vet in your area to provide post mortems on problem chicks. The results can then be sent directly to us, after which we will recommend and supply the necessary medications.